Current Research Topics

Artificial Muscles

    Lead: Vanessa Leung
    Design of artificial sphincters for treating severe fecal incontinence Elisa Fattorini Nano-Tera SmartSphincter
    Preparation and in situ characterization of EAP nanostructures with UHV-AFM techniques Bekim Osmani Own contributions Nano-Tera
    Nanostructures for artificial muscles (NAM) Florian Weiss SNSF project 135496
    Preparation and in situ characterization of EAP nanostructures with spectroscopic ellipsometry methods Tino Töpper Nano-Tera SmartSphincter

Computational Analysis of Tissues in Health and Disease

    Lead: Simone Hieber
    Revealing the three-dimensional organization of neurons within intact tissue (MD-PhD program) Christos Bikis
    Multi-modal matching of two-dimensional images with three-dimensional data in the field of biomedical engineering Natalia Chicherova SNSF project 150164
    Tomography of microvascular structures in murine brain tumors Peter Thalmann SNSF project 144535
    Combining micro computed tomography and histology to assess the efficacy of bone augmentation materials (Thesis published in SPIE 2012) Anja Stalder Donation

Interface Biosystems - Manmade Materials

    Lead: N.N., Bert Müller ad interim
    Remineralisation of animal carious lesions Lea Maria Botta SNSF Nanocure
    Remineralisation of carious lesions by self-assembled peptide supramolecular networks and hydroxyapatite nanocrystals Iwona Dziadowiec SNSF Nanocure

Intelligent Biomaterials

    Lead: Bert Müller
    NO-Stress, a specific coronary vasodilator - nano-container for tailored NO release Marzia Buscema NFP 62

Materials and Technologies in Dentistry

    Lead: Kurt Jäger
    Marginal accuracy and mechanical properties of resin nanoceramics in comparison to conventional crowns Ali Akzorba
    Evaluation of oral scanning in comparison to impression using three-dimensional registration (Thesis published in SPIE 2012) Yur-Chung Brogle-Kim
    Comparison of denture models by means of micro computed tomography (Thesis published in SPIE 2012) Christoph Vögtlin

High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging of Soft and Hard Tissues

    Lead: Georg Schulz
    Micro- and nanoanatomy of human brain tissues Anna Khimchenko SNSF project 147172

Accomplished Research Topics

High-Resolution Tomographic Imaging

    3D-printed porous HA scaffolds for bone augmentation Fabienne Fierz
    High-resolution tomography to characterize brain tissue Marco Germann
    Absorption and phase contrast tomography of the human brain Georg Schulz
    Interconnected porous scaffolds for tissue engineering Sarper Gürel
    Imaging the tumor vessel tree down to the capillary level Sabrina Lang
    3-dimensional visualization of scaffold-free histoids of millimeter size Belma Saldamli

Artificial Muscles

    Simulation of stress incontinence Nadine Blunschi
    Silicone thin films for artificial muscles Hans Deyhle
    The specification of the Young's Modulus of the urethra in vivo and vitro Nicola Egentenmeyer
    In vitro testing of artificial urinary sphincters: Is the minipig the right model? Daniel Joller
    Urethra compression model Florian Marti
    Mechanical properties of urethral tissue Javier Ratia

Tissue-Material Interactions

    Polymer cantilever sensors for biomedical applications Prabitha Urwyler
    Cell forces on functionalized and nanostructured polymer substrates Jasmin Althaus

Advanced Surgical Devices

    Evaluation of advanced surgical devices and techniques for craniotomy Javier Ratia

Dental Medicine

    Investigations on dentin de- and re-mineralization Florian Kernen
    Morphological study of Basle dentitions Lukas Kofmehl
    Artifacts from dental implants in dental tomographic imaging Marlen Luckow
    Comparative study of digital intra-oral scanning and conventional impressions Christoph Vögtlin

Further Scientific Activities

    General principles of pathological gait for improving patient evaluation and optimizing treatment strategies Katrin Schweizer
    To fall or not to fall... Ursula Küng