Award at Bernd-Spiessl Symposium 2007

We are very proud to announce that Fabienne Fierz of the Biomaterials Science Center received the Bernd-Spiessl Award 2007 at the Bernd-Spiessl Symposium for the poster:

Fabienne Fierz, Felix Beckmann, Barbara Leukers, Stephan Irsen, Özer Degistirici, Michael Thie, Marius Huser, Adrian Andronache and Bert Müller
Design and Characterization of Interconnected Porous Scaffolds with Central Cavity

We thank all people involved in this successful project for their contributions.


Further posters presented at the Bernd-Spiessl Symposium 2007

B. Saldamli, J. Tübel, F. Beckmann, J. Herzen, C. Kober, P. Jürgens, J. Schauwecker, H.-F. Zeilhofer, R. Burgkart, and B. Müller
The Transparent 3D Cell Culture - an Insight Image with SRmCT

Sarper Gürel, Alessandra Braccini, Ivan Martin, Felix Beckmann, and Bert Müller
Interconnectivity of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering