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BRIDGE Proof of concept grant for Dr. Tino Töpper (120'000 CHF)
Bridge - Proof of Concept

Aktive Implantate: Wie sich Goldatome auf Gummi kleben lassen
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Celebration of 10th anniversary of the Biomaterials Science Center
- Flyer for the scientific program

Der Roentgenblick ins Kleinhirn
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SRF1: Innovation - die Schweiz an der Spitze
- SRF1 04/2016

Researchers investigate thin silicone films for artificial muscles
- Uni News 04/2016 , - Radio Basilisk 04/2016

Soap bubbles for treatment of constricted blood vessels
- Uni News 03/2016

Exploring X-ray phase tomography
- newswise, ScienceDaily 10/2014, medicalphysicsweb 12/2014

Mechanically active bone implants (Video)

NanoTera project for artificial muscles
- Uni News 04/2013

Researchers develop nanocontainer
- Uni News, KTI Video 04/2014 (120MB)
- Gesundheit heute (Swiss TV) 01/2014
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BMC in the news
- SNI Update 08/2014
- Chemie Plus, TeleBasel 7 vor 7
- swissinfo, BZ Zeitung, DRS 2

Swiss Society of Biomaterials

In 2005, the Medical Faculty established the research and education focus, Clinical Morphology and Biomedical Engineering (CMBE). With the generous endowment from Thomas Straumann, the Chair of Materials Science in Medicine has been established within CMBE. The purpose is to make biomaterials science a major new growth area for research and technology development in Basel. The BMC is attracting third-party funds from public, NGO and private sources to create a versatile, innovative organization, working at interdisciplinary boundaries and intimately linked to the needs of the University Clinics.

Affiliated research groups within CMBE


Bert Müller, PhD
Thomas Straumann-Chair of Materials Science in Medicine


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